Death and the Knight

Official Trailer

Secluded for ages inside his tower, a Knight is awoken from his slumber by a mysterious whisper.

Film Details:

Director: Radu Gaciu
Producers: Tudor Giurgiu, Adriana Bumbeș
Production Studio: Hai-Hui Entertainment

Sound Studio: Smart Sound Studios
Sound Design: Ioan Filip, Dan-Ștefan Rucăreanu
Film release date: TBA

Music Credits:

Cello: Teodor Chircu
Double Bass: Ciprian Ghiță
Vocals: Radu Vasilache
Drums: Andrei Stere Câmpean
Acoustic guitar: Matei Vasilache

Instruments Recording Studio: Smart Sound Studios

Drums Recording Studio: REAL SOUND and vision
Drums Recordist: Ivanov Vladimir

Sheet Music Arranger Assistant: Andrei Olaru
Music Mix: Dan-Ștefan Rucăreanu, Matei Vasilache
OST Mastering: Audio Animals Ltd. UK

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