Hello. My name is Matei Vasilache. I’m a film and video game music composer and sound designer based in Romania.


I have been studying music since childhood, my main instrument being violin. Later on, I branched out and started studying piano and guitar, which finally became my main instrument.


Afterwards, I started experimenting with another side of music, recording and producing the songs of the bands I played with along the years.


When I first recorded a demo, after I added all the elements and listened to the final product, I felt an immense satisfaction hearing how each track added a new emotion to the respective tune.


This is how I realised that music has a special power to convey emotion to the listener.


A while later, I studied Sound and Editing in Film School. The years spent there combine my love for music with the newly discovered world of film, and graduating from a Master programme in the art of film sound helped a lot in consolidating this link in my work.


In my opinion, the story comes first in a motion picture. Film music has the mission to help and elevate that story, so that a superior form of emotion can be achieved.


In order to reach that outcome, I like to search and create interesting sounds, themes and harmonies meant to work out a complex, dense atmosphere which is designed to consolidate and support the narrative and lyrical elements of each story I am dealing with.